Public Service

Dedicated to Community

Professional & Community Associations

  • Beavercreek Township Board of Trustees
  • ​Beavercreek Township Investment Oversight Committee
  • Coolidge Wall L.P.A. Advisory Committee
  • Governance Committee (City & Township)
  • Ambassador Committee, Beavercreek City Schools
  • Miami Valley Military Affairs Association
  • Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Greene County Regional Planning Commission
  • Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce
  • Dayton Area Board of Realtors
  • Ohio Board of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors
  • International Self Storage Association
  • Ohio Township Association
  • Loyal Order of Moose – Lodge 73
  • ​Ascension Catholic Church

Past Professional & Community Associations

  • City of Beavercreek, Impact Fee Appeals Board (Planning & Zoning)
  • City of Beavercreek, Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Board
  • SCORE – Dayton Chapter, Mentor & Seminar Instructor
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Business Advisory Board – National College- Dayton, OH
  • Ohio Cattlemen’s Association
  • President, Beavercreek High School Football Boosters Club, 501(c)3
  • Youth Sports Coach & Sponsor (Eager Beaver Football, Celtics & BSA Soccer, BCAA Baseball and more)

Results Matter

Promises Made

Promises Kept

No Excuses!

Year 1 – 2014

Tom hit the ground running as a Township Trustee. He immediately pushed to bring about changes to benefit the citizens of Beavercreek Township.


Tom successfully pushed to incorporated the Pledge of Allegiance at all Trustee meetings.

Enhanced Transparency

Tom worked to record all Township meetings and to post the video on YouTube. He also utilized social media and the Township website to ensure citizens could always keep tabs on their local government.

Fiscal Responsibility

Tom developed and implmented a Purchase Request Justification system for all major purchases over $2,500. He then argued for laddered investment of additional Township carry-over funds to stretch every tax dollar further.

Tom then rolled up his sleeves and acted as project manager for Township Wide Performance & Human Resources Audits. He discovered Fiscal Office errors with FLSA overtime pay – a $100,000+ error by the Fiscal Office!

Year 2 – 2015

Tom continued to push for better fiscal management. He then established the groundwork for the Township to expand and professionalize.

Fiscal Improvements

Tom fought for and implemented modern OSL Payroll System to avoid repeating Fiscal Office errors of the past. He then implemented 38+ recommendations from the Township Wide & Human Resources Performance Audit.

Tom worked with his fellow trustees to reduce Township-wide overtime costs to lowest levels in 10 years !

A Foundation for Growth

Tom hired a full-time Township Administrator to support the demands of a growing Township. He converted the Fire Department to a full-time Career Fire Department to better serve the growing community. Looking far into the future, Tom ​developed and implemented a Township Economic Development Plan.

Tackling a Crisis

Tom supported and worked to provide funding to combat the Heroin Epidemic with the Greene County Sheriff.

Year 3 – 2016

Never content with the status quo, Tom continued his fight to make Beavercreek Township the most fiscally responsible local government in Ohio. He also pushed to implement best practices from the private sector to make local government more efficient.

Private Sector Best Practices

Tom fought for the Fiscal Office to implement private sector best practices for treasury management, cash flow projections, and payroll. He also argued for long overdue modernization of Fiscal Office and implementation of private sector best practices.

Saving Taxpayers Money

Tom developed and implemented an employee compensation plan that saved taxpayers approximately $313,000!

Looking for more ways to save taxpayers money, Tom negotiated with healthcare providers to lower Township healthcare costs to approximately $784,000 below the 5 year projected level.


Economic Development

Tom implemented Tax Increment Financing (TIF ) to support Airport & Valley Springs Farm economic development.

Looking to strengthen local infrastructure, Tom ​negotiated the US 35 SuperStreet Funding Plan with the city, county, state, and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Necessary Improvements

Tom supported long overdue renovations, deferred maintenance, and emergency repairs for Beavercreek Library.

He also ​supported development of Beavercreek Township Fire Department Standards of Coverage​, a comprehensive study analyzing response times, staffing requirements, station demands, locations, and more.

Looking to enhance efficiency with our neighbors, ​Tom supported, developed, and implemented shared service agreements with neighboring citiy, township, county, schools, and more. 

Year 4 – 2017

Having now turned the Township deficit into a surplus, Tom used the extra funds to invest in the safety of Township citizens. Despite the surplus and new spending, Tom remained fiscally vigilant and found more ways to save tax payers money.

Tightening the Fiscal Belt

Tom implemented a Township restructuring plan that included staffing changes, outsourcing positions, roll-backs of salary increases, and more to reduce the taxpayer burden and incorporate private sector best practices.

He also outsourced the Township’s Information Technology Department to a local 3rd Party IT service provider to lower costs and improve system up-time and user performance.

To bring further tax relief to Township citizens, Tom worked with Greene County Parks & Trails, The City of Beavercreek, and the Beavercreek Township Park District (separate legal entity – not controlled by the Township Trustees) to relieve Beavercreek Township Taxpayers burden for park operating and capital expenses.

Investing in Safety

Tom increased law enforcement funding to support long term needs of the Township.

To improve our fire safety, Tom implemented Fire Department Standards of Coverage to improve response times to high growth areas and maintain/improve levels of service in high call regions throughout Beavercreek, I-675, The Greene, Fairfield Commons Mall, and other local areas.

He also initiated design of new Fire Station #65 at corner of Trebein & Fairground Rd. and implemented a virtual Station #65 to realize immediate community-wide benefits.

Demanding Accountability

Tom worked with the Greene County Board of Elections and Courts to resolve ballot issues that resulted in Fairborn & Kettering voters impacting Beavercreek Township Police levy election results.

Tom then initiated legal action to recover taxpayer funds against former assistant to Fiscal Officer.

He also continued to argue for the Fiscal Office to fix the data backup deficiencies identified by the Auditor of State and to eliminate the current high risk practice of storing all Township Financial Data on a thumb drive as backup vs. utilizing Township server/back-up system!

Investing in the Future

Tom applied for an Ohio Public Works Grant for $500,000 and secured Airport Board and County Commissioners funding commitment to extend water and sewer to Greene County Airport.

He also developed and implemented an investment policy and investment advisory committee to provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on investment of Township carry-over funds currently earning zero to little interest

Year 5 – 2018

Tom continued to save taxpayers money. Lot’s of money. He also worked to modernize various Township systems such as IT and accounting software.

Massive Taxpayer Savings

Tom saved taxpayers $1.6 million annually by lowering Township Healthcare Costs! Overall, he worked to reduce Township annual expenditures by 13.6 %.

Not only did Tom save tax payers money, but he earned them $668,000+ in interest income on Township carry-over funds since 2014. Smart fiscal management pays.

Modernized Systems

Tom completed the outsourcing of the Township IT department and functions to both save taxpayers money and keep systems up to date.

To make Township technology work better for citizens, Tom approved user interface upgrades and enhancements to the Township website.

Continuing to look for ways to modernize Township technology, Tom implemented a long overdue accounting software upgrade for the Township Fiscal Office.

Continued Dedication to Safety

Tom fully funded US 35, Factory Road, and Orchard Lane improvements to reduce congestion and improve safety.

He also worked to develop the 10 Year Funding Plan for the Fire & EMS Department through 2030.

To keep citizens safe, Tom hired several firefighters and paramedics. He further improved public safety with additional dedicated Greene County Sheriff Deputies in the Township.

Year 6 – 2019

The Memorial Day tornadoes made 2019 a challenging year. Tom worked to bring Beavercreek Township the necessary resources to make a full recovery.

Tornado Relief: Trustee

When devastating tornadoes ravaged our region, Tom wasted no time and quickly authorized emergency response and house-to-house search and rescue measures.

He would later tour the tornado damage and meet with U.S. Senator Rob Portman and U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy to request their support in declaring the Memorial Day tornado as a Federal Disaster.

Tom helped to secure FEMA, SBA, State, and Federal grant money to provide relief for Beavercreek Township Residents impacted by the tornadoes. He also worked with local, county, state, and federal partners on the largest disaster clean-up in the history of Beavercreek Township.

Tornado Relief: Citizen

Tom was on the ground with Fire & EMS at 9 AM the morning after the tornadoes hit Beavercreek and Beavercreek Township. He surveyed the damage, assessed resources, and delivered water and supplies to residents impacted by the disaster.

After the disaster, Tom volunteered to distribute water, food, personal hygiene products, diapers, and supplies to residents impacted by the tornadoes. Using drive thru-supply and food pantries, he helped to create an efficient system for distributing goods.

Tom also worked side-by-side with firefighters and Beavercreek Township Fire Auxiliiary to deliver water, food, and supplies into the impacted neighborhoods.

Dedicated to Improvement

As always, Tom remained steadfast in his dedication to fiscal responsibility. In 2019 he balanced the general fund and reduced expenditures by 24%. He reduced taxpayer burden by transferring remaining Township Parks to Greene County Parks & Trails. Saving taxpayers $1,670,446, Tom negotiated a stellar deal for 2019 health insurance costs.

Tom also focused on community outreach, developing a new Township website, social media presence, and community forums.

Tom also helped develop the 10-year funding plan for the Beavercreek Township Fire Department.

Year 7 – 2020

2020 brought the COVID-19 pandemic to America and Tom once again stood up to the challenges of a crisis. The government mandated shutdown was economically costly, but Beavercreek Township was lucky to have a leader in Tom with the financial prowess to navigate these challenges without reducing essential services.

Leadership During Crisis

Throughout the government-mandated shutdown, Tom worked with County EMS, Beavercreek Township Fire Chief, and the Township Administrator to secure PPE for Beavercreek Township First Responders. He also worked with local, county, and state officials to provide Beavercreek Township EMS support at COVID-19 vaccine distribution centers.

Tom guided the township through challenging budget and revenue reductions while maintaining township services (Fire, EMS, Sheriff, Roads, Planning & Zoning, and more) to all residents without reducing services or raising taxes.

Despite the challenges presented by the shutdown, Tom maintained government transparency by implementing Virtual Township Trustee Meetings.

Financial Savvy

Tom helped the newly elected Township Fiscal Officer reorganize the Fiscal Office to better manage the township’s budget and finances.

Tom also aided in negotiating a land donation valued at $820,000 for the US 35 project.

To better secure the township’s financial future, Tom implemented an enterprise-wide accounting, purchasing, and financial management software system to replace an outdated, insecure, and inadequate accounting system.

More Taxpayer Savings

Once again, Tom reduced health insurance costs, this time to $1,737,509 less than the five-year projections.

Working with contractors, Tom saved taxpayers more than $1,100,000 on the design and construction of Beavercreek Twp. Fire Station 65.

Tom again utilized private sector best practices by implementing a fleet management system with leased vehicles for Beavercreek Township Roads and Fire Departments that saved taxpayers over $300,000.

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