Tom Kretz

For Beavercreek Township Trustee

Tom is a proven leader who believes in doing the right thing. For Beavercreek Township, that means functioning as a trusted custodian of public funds. Tom works to minimize your taxes while making Beavercreek Township the most attractive location to raise a family and run your business in Southern Ohio.

Why Tom?

Tom has decades of experience as a business owner here in Beavercreek Township. He knows what local businesses want and what local families need.

Fiscal Conservative

Frivolous spending takes money away from citizens and makes the region less attractive to business. Tom believes in providing essential Township services in the most efficient way possible so no taxpayer money is wasted.


Business Acumen

Tom’s experiences as a business leader provide him the insight to bring creative solutions to local government. Tom never settles for the status quo. He implements policies to make local government more nimble and better prepared for future challenges.


Family Man

Tom and his wife, Kim, raised two sons here in Beavercreek Township. But they didn’t do it alone. The local schools, churches, youth organizations, and civic organizations were here for the Kretz family. Tom knows there’s no better place to raise a family than Beavercreek Township. Tom serves as Trustee to give back and ensure our community remains strong for all families.


Ready to take the next step and support Tom?

Want a yard sign? Would you like to volunteer by knocking on doors or calling constitutents? Do your part to help Tom keep Beavercreek Township the best place to live in Ohio.

Contact the Kretz team to see how you can get involved and support Tom.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Election day is on November 2nd. Show your support for Tom by selecting him for Beavercreek Township Trustee!








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